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Katrin Seifarth offers effective individual coachings to make you more successful and moreover more content. Due to her long coaching experience and a minimum of 4 weeks of professional development classes she ensures to be always up to date and in particular to coach exactly where your need is. As a systemic coach, NLP master and wingwave® coach she benefits from an extensive method box. Her emphasis is on spotting and releasing your subconscious success and happiness brakes as well as on making you aware of your individual ressources and strengths. Her experience: „We often block ourselves and don’t know where exactly we want to go or what we are good at and what makes us happy. Once we have found our WHY, the rest is a piece of cake.“

Frequent coaching topics are:

  • Basic management skills (e.g. leadership, time management, communication)
  • Career planning
  • Work-Life balance
  • Behavior coaching in the context of business, especially to adapt our behaviors in order to achieve our goals whilst staying true to ourselves
  • Coachings für mothers that want to get back to work
  • Coaching of leaders, in particular to deal more effectively with people that think differently than I do

Internalize new ways and behavior patterns through intensive practical exercises and structured talks with clear goals, little homework and ongoing success control.

Wingwave Coaching Musik

In meinen Coachings arbeite ich gerne und viel mit der Wingwave-Musik. Wenn Sie diese für sich zu Hause bestellen möchten, finden Sie hier sämtliche Musikdateien zum Download: Wingwave-Shop

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