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Katrin Seifarth is a woman from the field, who gives pragmatical and immediately applicable tips to people and organisations for their daily (professional) life. In her sound key notes and seminars she reveals in a merciless yet humorous way specific points of joy and pain that people or companies encounter. Giving specific real life examples she shows how you can resolve these points without having to turn yourself. Her credo: „self-awareness and self-understanding as well as change can be fun.“

Key note topics

HEroic TogetHER

  • Understand gender specific behavior and communication styles and deal with them in a respectful way
  • Processes for your company to leverage the potential of males and females individually and in daily collaboration
  • Spot typical „points of happiness“ for HIM and for HER and address them accordingly in order to motivate others in a better way and to avoid conflicts

Respect or Estimation?

  • Identify „points of happiness“ and beliefs of internal and external communication partners instead of guessing them
  • Adress these points with high esteem, yet communicate clearly and de-escalate conflicts
  • Truly understand the other person instead of extrapolating from yourself to others

We can talk – in real

  • How you advance your career without turning male
  • How you beat competition without being bitchy
  • How and why a career can be fun and easy

Lead yourself – then you can lead others

  • Identify and resolve my own inner beliefs that might be detrimental for leadership roles
  • Recognize my employees motivation and demotivation buttons and address them in targeted way
  • Typical leadership failures and how we can avoid them easily

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