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Effective and efficient trainings according to the train effect method. Short theoretical parts are combined with intense practical and mental exercises taken from the participants’ every day work life. Thus the full content is internalized in a way that participants can apply it as if they were on autopilot. Seminar modules with an interval of several weeks or seminars combined with individual coaching sessions as well as targeted „homework“ between the seminar dates maximize this sustainability effect. Clear guidelines for bosses, supervisors and the company’s managers allow for necessary course corrections and support from „up there“. Further more they round of the applicability of what has been learnt

Communicate effectively and efficiently (also as 100% online course)

  • Define your communication goal in a clear way
  • Understand and engage your target audience
  • Structure communication clearly and in a goal-oriented way
  • Make your communication short, precise and thus achieve your communication goal without misunderstandings or further questions

Presenting effectively and convincingly

  • Recognize and improve your own physical presentation skills (body language, facial expression, gestures)
  • Get yourself into a perfect state
  • Direct your presentation towards a clearly defined goal
  • Understand your target group and „take them on board“
  • Give your presentation a clear structure
  • Design Charts or other visual aids impressively and in the right quantity
  • Moderate the presentation or subsequent discussions
  • Get two video analyses, very small groups, individual coachings to re-enforce your own presentation skills

Goal, time and stress management

  • Recognize and eliminate your personal beliefs that prevent you from being happy
  • Phrase your private and professional goals
  • Daily planning techniques
  • Dealing with mails, reducing the amount of mails
  • Eliminate external disturbances and time eaters
  • Overcome your weaker sel
  • If necessary: Analysis of „time eaters“ in your company and how to overcome them

Conflict and negotiation management

  • Understanding of typical „communication failures“ when dealing with employees, colleagues, internal and external customers
  • Definition of clear cut communication goals
  • Spotting and understanding your own and other people’s communication and behavioral styles and their effect on others
  • Learning and applying the basic behavior and communication model
  • Experimenting with and strengthening of alternative communication styles that are suitable for you in order to overcome conflicts and barriers and in order to lead communication situations to achieve a win-win communication situation
  • Lead talks back to a constructive problem solving mode in case of conflicts
  • Learn active listening
  • If necessary: Analysis of the conflict behavior in your company

Leading effectively and make employees win on their own

  • Characteristics of a strong leader
  • Spotting your own strengths and weaknesses as a boss
  • Phrase expectations and development goals, communicate and follow up on them
  • Give feedback (sufficiently, in a balanced way, fitting to the employee’s personality, positive or critical)
  • Delegate successfully
  • Enable employees, make them win on their own
  • As a man: leas women, as a woman: lead men – who needs what?
  • Understand your employees’ motivation buttons and push them
  • Pass on information and knowledge in the right dose and manner
  • If necessary. Development of a personnel development system or a leadership culture for your company

Lead meetings effectively

  • When do you need which type of meeting?
  • Efficiently prepare the meeting
  • Lead the meeting in a focussed way towards a clear result
  • Basic communication rules
  • Moderation techniques
  • Effective follow up
  • Different behaviors of women and men in meetings and how to deal with it effectively
  • If necessary: Development of a „meeting code” for your company

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