the train-effect method

Often participants understand seminar content very well, but don’t apply it. The train effect method is a common theme in all of Katrin Seifarth’s training and workshop formats. It allows for a fast and sustainable application of the content by combining the three components: training, moderation, coaching.

In trainings know how is taught by using simple models and by experimenting with it immediately in very small groups. Through targeted moderation during the training or in workshops participant feedback if necessary also their concerns and objections are collected and immediately reflected and addressed in the course of the event. This ensures that a „Yes, but for us this does not work...“ is overcome. Each training and also many workshops contain as a third element targeted one-to-one coachings, in order to release unconscious success brakes with the individual and to recognize and fully apply your individual strengths as a person or team member. Katrin Seifarth is convinced: “Subconsciously we carry many beliefs and behaviors with us, that prevent us from applying what we have learnt successfully.If our brain understands something, our subconscious mind has not anchored it yet. The train effect method takes care of this anchoring process.“

Through the combination of training, coaching and moderation every seminar participant can maximize the fit of the content for him- or herself als well as in collaboration with the group. Furthermore, participants can experiment various times with the content and thus anchor it long-term. The result: application of the content in practice with maximal ease – nearly like on autopilot.

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